The Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) process requires a motor-generator, and an absorption chiller. A cooling tower is usually required, and power conditioning may be required for special circumstances. This equipment feeds the water, CO2, or other loops for the heating and cooling of the building. Those loops may be equipped with fan coil units, heat pumps, etc. to distribute the heating or cooling where required. G7HVAC Inc. supplies all these components.

G7 has the resources to design these many parts into a complete system, and have it built for you to get the results you want. Contact us to get the right solution for you.

Motor Generators (CHP power)

2G Energy

2G Energy Inc. is a German engineering company manufacturing CHP generators in St. Augustine, Florida. Their packaged systems are easy to ship and install. Running on natural or biogas fuel, they have electrical efficiencies above 40%, and overall efficiency with recovered thermal above 80%. Related gas cleaning equipment can be packaged with the unit. Noise can be suppressed to levels comparable to an office. 

Available models are classed in lines based on size

  • G-Box: 50 kW
  • Patruus: 100 to 450 kW
  • Avus: 550 to 2,000 kW
Some model meet CSA 282-15 for emergency power. Units can be paralleled for more overall power.
Yanmar Mico CHP
Yanmar Micro CHP

Yanmar is a manufacturer of marine engines and other small engines. They use variants of that engine engine for the smaller, 5 kW, 10 kW, and 35 kW micro CHP applications. These can be used in modules up to 8 units.


Power Conditioning (Regulate power for switch over and Island modes)

Mitsubishi 9900cx
Mitsubishi UPS

Your plant needs steady power without interruption. A UPS can guarantee steady power during switch overs e.g. from grid to CCHP. It can also handle large startup loads (short interval extreme loads up to 50% above normal), where an engine might bog down. In short, the UPS makes  extreme CCHP solutions possible. Mitsubishi, the power equipment supplier for Japanese mills, builds the 9900 series of industrial UPS’s, that make unconventional power a reliable reality.

Absorption Chillers (convert CHP to balanced CCHP)

BROAD Chiller

BROAD, with over 35,000 installations worldwide, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of absorption chillers. Featuring 

  • zero maintenance pumps, 
  • auto de-crystallization, 
  • titanium tubes for a reliability 100 times better than the industry average, and 
  • class leading efficiency.
  • The absorption chillers can be monitored locally without an operator at site.

BROAD includes free lifetime monitoring from the factory.

Cooling Towers (fine tune the waste energy balance)

Tower Tech Cooling Towers

Even a very efficient system needs strategic cooling. Tower Tech’s cooling towers do so conserving water, avoiding corrosion, and using techniques that minimize maintenance aggravation. When the system balance demands cooling, do it with a minimum of waste, fuss and bother. Tower Tech cooling towers reduce water loss by 90% and reduce maintenance by 80%. They are installed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional cooling towers. The water in the sump is moving on average at 5 ft./s, eliminating the need for basin sweepers and resisting Legionnaires Disease threats.

Heat Distribution (Fan Coils and Heat Pumps)

Engineered Comfort Fan Coils

VERTICAL HI-RISE UNITS Engineered Comfort manufactures commercial quality fan coil solutions for a variety of industrial applications to meet the demands of the hospitality, healthcare, education, public buildings and commercial office markets throughout North America and around the world. Designed as a modular unit with integral risers to allow units to be “stacked” one on top of the other in a vertical column rising floor to floor up the building. This allows the use of one set of common risers, significantly reducing the installed cost compared to other fan coil systems. Engineered Comfort offers ECM motor and fan technology that provides energy savings by creating a reduction in electrical usage. Engineered Comfort is best known for its use of premium materials, construction techniques, wide range of motor/controls options and a large list of available options and features Product Highlights – Custom retro fit applications • 200 – 2100 cfm (94 – 991 l/s). The largest range in the industry. • Standard 88″ (2235) high unit design. • Available in any of the following configurations: Concealed, Exposed, Master/Slave and A/B paired.

Thermal Corp. Blowers

Your loop energy, carried in water, CO2, or other media needs to be distributed the right way. Thermal’s HBC (Horizontal Blower Coil) and VBC (Vertical Blower Coil) Series indoor air handling units are your ideal terminal blowers.


Cool Cat

Your loop energy, carried in water, CO2, or other media, may not have the power to meet a space or process need. For many years, G7 have supplied their proprietary Cool Cat Heat Pumps for precise, local control of temperature.


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